Will the Providence Friars make the NCAA tournament?

Introduction: Will the Providence Friars Make the NCAA Tournament?

The Providence Friars have been one of the most consistent college basketball teams in recent memory. Led by head coach Ed Cooley, the Friars have made four consecutive NCAA tournament appearances, including a trip to the Sweet Sixteen in 2017. This season though, the Friars have had their ups and downs, and there is still uncertainty as to whether or not they will make the NCAA tournament. In this article, we will take a look at the Providence Friars’ chances of making the NCAA tournament this season.

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The Friars’ Record So Far

The Providence Friars currently have a record of 17-11, with an 8-9 record in the Big East. Their record puts them in a tie for sixth place in the conference, and they are currently on the outside looking in as far as the NCAA tournament is concerned. They have had some impressive wins against top teams, including a win over then-#3 Villanova and a road win over Creighton. They have also had some tough losses, including a loss to St. John’s and a loss to Xavier.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Providence Friars have some definite strengths that could help them make the NCAA tournament this season. One of their strengths is their defense, as they rank tenth in the country in defensive efficiency. They also have some very good 3-point shooters, with Kyron Cartwright and Alpha Diallo both shooting over 40% from beyond the arc.

On the flip side, the Friars have some definite weaknesses that could prevent them from making the NCAA tournament. Their biggest weakness is their lack of size, as they lack a true post presence. They also lack depth, as they only play seven or eight players on a regular basis.

Remaining Schedule

The Friars still have a few games left on their regular season schedule. They have a home game against Seton Hall, a road game against Xavier, and a home game against Marquette. These three games will be crucial in determining whether or not the Friars make the NCAA tournament.

Projected Outcome

Based on the Friars’ remaining schedule and their current record, it is likely that the Friars will make the NCAA tournament. If they can pick up wins against Seton Hall, Xavier, and Marquette, it will greatly increase their chances. They could also benefit from a few unexpected losses from teams ahead of them in the conference standings, such as Villanova, Butler, or Creighton.

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Big East Tournament

Even if the Friars do make the NCAA tournament, their performance in the Big East tournament will be crucial. A good performance in the tournament could help the Friars secure a higher seed in the NCAA tournament, while a bad performance could hurt their seeding. The Big East tournament could also be an opportunity for the Friars to make a statement and prove to the rest of the country that they are a legitimate contender.

Key Players

The success of the Providence Friars this season will depend heavily on the play of their two star players, Kyron Cartwright and Alpha Diallo. Cartwright is the Friars’ leader on the court, and he is a very good playmaker and 3-point shooter. Diallo is a dynamic scorer and rebounder who can take over a game on both ends of the court.


The Friars are also fortunate to have one of the best coaches in the country in Ed Cooley. Cooley has been the head coach at Providence for the last seven years, and he has led the Friars to four consecutive NCAA tournament appearances. He is a master motivator and has the ability to get the most out of his players.


There are several x-factors that could determine whether or not the Providence Friars make the NCAA tournament this season. One of the biggest x-factors is the play of the other Big East teams. If the other Big East teams struggle, it could open up a spot for the Friars in the NCAA tournament. Another x-factor is the play of the Friars’ role players. If the role players can step up and make big contributions, it could be enough to push the Friars into the tournament.


In conclusion, the Providence Friars have a good chance of making the NCAA tournament this season. They have a strong defense, good 3-point shooters, and a great coach. The key for the Friars will be to pick up a few key wins in their remaining regular season games, and to have a good showing in the Big East tournament. If they can do that, they should be able to make the NCAA tournament.

Will the Providence Friars make the NCAA tournament? All signs point to yes. The Friars have the talent and the coaching to make it to the Big Dance, and they just need to take care of business in their remaining games and the Big East tournament. If they can do that, the Friars should find themselves in the NCAA tournament for the fifth consecutive year.