Who is Brittish Williams Baby Daddy?

In the world of reality television, there are few names that stand out more than Brittish Williams. The star of hit shows such as Basketball Wives LA and Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Williams has captivated viewers for years with her bold and often outspoken personality. In recent months, however, Williams has been in the spotlight for a different reason: the identity of her baby daddy.

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Background of Brittish Williams

Brittish Williams was born in Los Angeles and grew up in the city’s affluent Miracle Mile district. She attended the University of Southern California, where she was a member of the school’s renowned Trojan Dance Squad. After college, Williams began a career in the fashion industry, eventually becoming a successful entrepreneur. She also began appearing in reality shows such as Basketball Wives LA and Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. In 2017, Williams announced that she was pregnant with her first child.

The Rumors Begin

Soon after Williams announced her pregnancy, rumors began to swirl about who the father of her baby might be. While some speculated that it was her ex-boyfriend, professional basketball player Larry Sanders, others believed that the baby’s father was someone else. This speculation only increased when Williams refused to name the father of her unborn child. In an interview with The Shade Room, she said, “I’m going to let my baby daddy be the one to tell you who he is.”

Williams’ Relationship with Larry Sanders

Williams and Sanders had been involved in an on-again, off-again relationship since 2016. In a 2017 interview, Williams spoke fondly of Sanders, saying “He’s such a great guy. He’s so sweet and loving.” Despite their positive relationship, the couple split up in February 2018, shortly before Williams announced her pregnancy.

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The Reveal

In April 2018, Williams finally revealed who the father of her baby was: rapper and actor Romeo Miller. Miller is the son of Master P, founder of the popular rap label No Limit Records. Miller and Williams had been close friends for years, but had never been romantically involved.

Miller’s Reaction

Miller was initially hesitant to accept responsibility for the child, saying that he wanted to be sure that he was the father before claiming paternity. However, after taking a paternity test, Miller revealed that he was indeed the father of Williams’ child. On Instagram, he wrote “I’m honored to be a father and I will be there to support and love my child.”

Public Response

The news of Miller’s paternity was met with mixed reactions from the public. While some praised Miller for accepting responsibility, others criticized him for getting involved with a woman who was not his girlfriend. Despite the criticism, Miller and Williams have both expressed their commitment to raising the child together.


The identity of Brittish Williams’ baby daddy has been a source of speculation for months. After much speculation, it was finally revealed that the father of Williams’ baby is rapper and actor Romeo Miller. Miller has accepted responsibility for the child and has expressed his commitment to being a supportive father.