Who is Britains Most Notorious Inmate?

Britain has a long history of prisons and incarceration, with some of the most notorious inmates to ever grace the land having served time in its many facilities. From Charles Bronson to the Kray Twins, some of the UK’s most feared criminals have been born or have served time in the country’s prisons. But who is the most notorious inmate to ever have graced the British prison system?

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Charles Bronson

One of the UK’s most infamous inmates is Charles Bronson, who was born in Luton in 1952. Nicknamed the “bare-knuckle boxer”, he has spent nearly half of his life behind bars and has become one of Britain’s most notorious inmates. Bronson has been convicted of a number of violent offences, including armed robberies and hostage-taking, and is currently serving a life sentence for attempted murder.
Bronson’s notoriety has been further enhanced by his colourful character, which has led to him being the subject of numerous books, films and documentaries. He is often seen as a symbol of Britain’s criminal justice system, with many believing that he has been unfairly treated due to his mental health issues.

The Kray Twins

The Kray Twins, Ronnie and Reggie, are arguably the most notorious criminals to ever have graced the British prison system. The brothers were born in 1933 in East London and went on to become notorious gangsters, controlling much of the organised crime in the capital.
The Kray twins were eventually arrested in 1968 and sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. However, their notoriety has endured and they have become iconic figures in British criminal culture. The brothers have been the subject of numerous books and films and are often seen as the archetypal British gangsters.

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The Yorkshire Ripper

The Yorkshire Ripper is perhaps Britain’s most notorious serial killer and one of the most notorious inmates ever to have been incarcerated in the British prison system. The Ripper was responsible for the murders of at least thirteen women between 1975 and 1980 in the Yorkshire area. He was eventually caught in 1981 and was given a life sentence for his crimes.
Despite his conviction, the Yorkshire Ripper continues to fascinate the public, with books and films about him being released. He became the subject of a nationwide manhunt and is still considered to be one of the UK’s most notorious inmates.


Britain has a long history of imprisonment and incarceration, with some of the country’s most notorious inmates having served time in its many facilities. Charles Bronson, the Kray Twins and the Yorkshire Ripper are just a few of the many notorious inmates to have graced the British prison system. Each of them has become an iconic figure in British criminal culture and has become a symbol of the UK’s criminal justice system.