Who is Angels Baby Daddy?

It’s a question that has been on the minds of many fans ever since the hit show Angel first aired in the late nineties. The show followed the adventures of the titular character, Angel, a vampire who was cursed with a soul and tasked with protecting the world from evil. Throughout the series, Angel had a wide variety of romantic entanglements, but none of them resulted in a baby. So who is Angel’s baby daddy?

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Angel’s Relationship History

Before we can answer the question of who is Angel’s baby daddy, it’s important to take a look at his relationship history. Throughout the show, Angel had a number of romantic relationships. The most significant of these was with Buffy Summers, the slayer. Their relationship was complicated but ultimately ended in heartbreak when Angel lost his soul. He then moved to Los Angeles and had a brief romance with the half-demon half-human Darla.
Angel then met and fell in love with the half-human, half-demon Cordelia Chase. Though their relationship was tumultuous, they eventually married and had a child together. Unfortunately, the child was stillborn and Cordelia’s soul was taken to a higher plane. Angel was devastated and left Los Angeles in search of a way to get her back.

The Big Reveal

It wasn’t until the series finale that the mystery of Angel’s baby daddy was finally revealed. It turns out that Angel’s baby daddy is none other than the demon lord Jasmine. Jasmine had been manipulating the events of the series throughout its run and in the finale, it was revealed that she was the one who had given birth to Angel’s stillborn child.

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Jasmine’s Plan for Angel

Jasmine’s plan for Angel was to use him to create a new world order. She believed that by having Angel father a child, it would bring peace and harmony to the world. However, Angel was not the only one she had chosen; she had also chosen Cordelia, whom she believed possessed the strength and courage to be a great mother.
Jasmine’s plan was ultimately thwarted by Angel and his team. In the end, Jasmine was defeated and her plans were foiled. However, the mystery of who is Angel’s baby daddy still remains.


While the question of who is Angel’s baby daddy has been answered, the answer is still shrouded in mystery. It is clear that Jasmine had some kind of greater plan for Angel and his child, but her plans were ultimately thwarted. Despite this, the answer still remains a mystery and only time will tell if more information will come to light.