Who Did Brooke Sleep With?

Brooke Davis is a fictional character from the television drama One Tree Hill, which aired on the CW Network from 2003 to 2012. Brooke is portrayed by actress Sophia Bush, and her character has become one of the most beloved characters in the show. As the series progressed, the character of Brooke became increasingly complex, and much of the show’s focus centered around her relationships with other characters. This article will explore who Brooke slept with during her time on the show.

Relationships with Lucas Scott

The first major relationship that Brooke was involved in was with Lucas Scott, played by Chad Michael Murray. Brooke and Lucas had a complicated relationship throughout the series, as their feelings for each other would change over time. In the first season, Lucas and Brooke had a one-night stand, which led to a brief relationship. However, Brooke ended things when she realized that Lucas was still in love with her best friend Peyton Sawyer.
In the fourth season, Brooke and Lucas renewed their relationship, and the two eventually got engaged. However, Brooke ultimately called off the wedding due to her insecurities and fears of commitment. Despite this, the two remained close friends until Lucas left Tree Hill at the end of the series.

Relationships with Nathan Scott

Another major relationship that Brooke was involved in was with Nathan Scott, played by James Lafferty. Nathan and Brooke began as rivals, as Nathan was Lucas’ half-brother and Brooke was in love with Lucas. However, the two eventually formed a friendship, and Nathan eventually began to fall in love with Brooke. In the fourth season, Nathan and Brooke began a relationship, and the two eventually got married.
Despite their initial happiness, the marriage was short-lived, as Nathan was unfaithful to Brooke. In the fifth season, Nathan begins an affair with his ex-girlfriend Haley James, and the two eventually leave Brooke. Despite the pain of Nathan’s betrayal, Brooke eventually finds a way to forgive him and move on from the relationship.

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Relationships with Owen Morello

In the sixth season, Brooke begins a relationship with Owen Morello, played by Kevin McKidd. Owen is an old friend of Brooke’s, and the two share a mutual attraction which eventually leads to a relationship. Owen is a successful businessman, and the two eventually become engaged.
However, their relationship is once again plagued by Brooke’s insecurities and fears of commitment. Brooke eventually breaks off the engagement, as she still harbors feelings for Nathan. Despite their brief relationship, Owen remains a close friend of Brooke until the end of the series.

Relationships with Julian Baker

In the seventh season, Brooke begins a relationship with Julian Baker, played by Austin Nichols. Julian is a successful film director who moved to Tree Hill to work on a film. Julian and Brooke eventually develop a strong connection, and the two eventually become engaged.
Although their relationship appears to be strong and loving, Brooke eventually realizes that she is still in love with Nathan. Despite Julian’s protests, Brooke breaks off the engagement and reconciles with Nathan. Julian eventually moves away from Tree Hill, but he and Brooke remain good friends.


Throughout her time on One Tree Hill, Brooke Davis was involved in several relationships with a variety of different characters. She had a brief relationship with Lucas Scott in the first season, and she eventually married Nathan Scott in the fourth season. She also had relationships with Owen Morello and Julian Baker, although neither of these relationships lasted very long. Despite her struggles, Brooke eventually found a way to move on from her past relationships and find happiness with Nathan.