What should I pick for fantasy basketball?

Introduction to Fantasy Basketball

Fantasy basketball is a great way to enjoy the NBA season. It allows you to assemble a team of players from around the league and compete against other fantasy basketball teams. It’s a great way to stay engaged with the season and have a rooting interest in the games.

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Choosing Your Fantasy Basketball Team

Before you can start playing fantasy basketball, you need to pick your team. This is a daunting task, as there are hundreds of players to choose from. In order to make sure you pick the right team, there are some important steps you need to take.

Research the Players

The first thing you need to do is research the players. You need to be familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of each player. Look at their stats from last season, as well as this season if available. Look at how they have performed in the past and how they are projected to perform this season.

Understand the Rules of Your League

Each fantasy basketball league has its own set of rules. Make sure you understand these rules so you can make the best decisions for your team. Some leagues allow you to pick a certain number of players from each NBA team, while others are more open. Knowing the rules will help you make the most of your roster.

Know the Scoring System

Fantasy basketball leagues have different scoring systems. Some leagues use a traditional points system, while others use a rotisserie system. Make sure you understand the scoring system so you can put together the best team possible.

Know Your Budget

Most fantasy basketball leagues have a salary cap. This means you have to stay within a certain budget when you are picking your team. Make sure you understand the budget and how it affects your decisions.

Factors to Consider When Picking Your Team

Now that you understand the rules and scoring system of your league, you need to start picking your team. Here are some factors to consider when you are making your selections.


Injuries can have a big impact on fantasy basketball. Make sure you are aware of any injuries to key players so you can adjust your picks accordingly. You don’t want to be stuck with a player who is out for the season.

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The NBA schedule can also have an impact on fantasy basketball. Look for players who have favorable schedules and try to avoid players with tough matchups. This can help you maximize your team’s potential.


Rookies can be a great addition to your fantasy basketball team. However, they can also be a risky pick. Make sure you do your research and understand the potential upside and downside of each rookie.


Sleepers are players who may not have had a great season last year, but could have a breakout season this year. Look for players who could have a breakout year and take advantage of their low price tag.

Free Agents

Free agents can be a great way to add depth to your team. Look for players who could be on the verge of a breakout season or who could see an increase in playing time. Free agents can be a great way to add value to your team.

Strategies for Drafting Your Team

Now that you have an understanding of the players and the rules of your league, you need to start drafting your team. Here are some strategies to help you build a competitive team.

Balance Your Team

When drafting your team, make sure you balance your team. You don’t want to have too many players from one position, as this could leave you vulnerable to injuries or other issues. Make sure you have a balanced team with players from different positions.

Target Value Picks

When drafting your team, look for value picks. These are players who may not be the most flashy, but who could provide great value for your team. Look for players who could outperform their draft position.

Stay Flexible

Fantasy basketball drafts can be unpredictable. Make sure you stay flexible and be prepared to adjust your strategy if necessary. Don’t be afraid to take risks if you think they could pay off.

Know When to Take Risks

Risks can be a great way to gain an edge in fantasy basketball. However, you need to know when to take risks and when to play it safe. Make sure you understand the potential risks and rewards before taking a chance on a player.


Picking your fantasy basketball team can be a daunting task. However, if you do your research and understand the rules and scoring system of your league, you can put together a competitive team. Make sure you consider injuries, schedules, rookies, sleepers, and free agents when making your selections. Also, use strategies like targeting value picks and staying flexible to give your team the best chance of success. With the right preparation, you can put together a winning fantasy basketball team.