What Does FT Stand For?

The acronym FT is used in a variety of contexts, but it typically stands for “full-time” or “financial times.” In addition to these two common meanings, there are several other uses for the acronym FT. This article will explain what FT stands for in different contexts and provide examples for each definition.

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The most common meaning of FT is “full-time.” This acronym is used to describe someone who works a regular, full-time job. Generally, a full-time job is considered to be 40 hours a week or more. A full-time employee typically receives benefits such as vacation time and health insurance.

For example, “I just got a job as an FT employee at a local company.”

Financial Times

The second most common meaning of FT is “financial times.” This acronym usually refers to the Financial Times, a British newspaper that covers business, finance, and economic news. The newspaper is owned by the Japanese company Nikkei and is one of the world’s leading business publications.

For example, “I read the FT every morning to stay up to date on the latest financial news.”

Family Trust

FT is also used to refer to a “family trust.” A family trust is an arrangement in which a person’s assets are held in trust for the benefit of the family. Trusts can be used to protect assets from creditors and to pass wealth from one generation to the next.

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For example, “We set up a family trust to protect our assets and pass them on to our children.”

Fault Tolerant

FT can also stand for “fault tolerant.” This term refers to the ability of a system to continue functioning even when components of the system fail. Fault tolerance is a key feature of reliable and resilient computer systems.
For example, “The new server has built-in fault tolerance so it can keep running even if part of it fails.”

Ft-Lb or Foot-Pound

FT is sometimes used to refer to the unit of measure “ft-lb” or “foot-pound.” This unit is used to measure work, energy, or torque. In the United States, one foot-pound of work is equal to the amount of energy required to lift a one pound weight a distance of one foot.

For example, “This engine produces 500 ft-lbs of torque.”

Final Thoughts

The acronym FT can have several different meanings, depending on the context. In most cases, FT stands for “full-time” or “financial times.” However, it can also refer to a family trust, fault tolerance, or the unit of measure ft-lb or foot-pound. Knowing the different meanings of FT can help you better understand conversations and text.