What Does DTD Mean in Fanduel?

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) has become increasingly popular in recent years, due in part to the rise of platforms like Fanduel. One of the key concepts in DFS play is the “DTD” or “Daily Total”. Understanding what the DTD means and how to use it can make a significant difference to your success in Fanduel.

What Is the Fanduel Daily Total?

The Fanduel Daily Total is a number set by the Fanduel platform that represents the total amount of points you need to score in order to win a contest. This number is based on the number of players in the contest, the entry fee and the type of contest. The Daily Total is typically higher when more players enter a contest, or when the entry fee is higher.
The Daily Total is also the total number of points you can earn for the day. This means that if you score less than the Daily Total, you will not win the contest, regardless of how well you may have done individually.

How Can I Use the Daily Total to My Advantage?

Knowing the Daily Total is essential for success in Fanduel. If you know the Daily Total, you can use it to help you determine how many points you need to score in order to win a contest. This is especially important if you’re playing in a contest with a higher entry fee or with more players.
It’s also helpful to know the Daily Total when making your lineup. This will help you ensure that you’re selecting players who have the potential to score the points you need in order to win.
For example, if the Daily Total is 250 points and you decide to select a player who has the potential to score 50 points, you’ll need to select at least four more players who can each score at least 50 points in order to reach the Daily Total.
Finally, knowing the Daily Total can also help you decide when to enter and exit certain contests. If the Daily Total is high, it may be best to wait until the entry fee drops or the number of players decreases. Conversely, if the Daily Total is low, it may be beneficial to enter the contest sooner rather than later.

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Understanding the Fanduel Daily Total is essential for success in daily fantasy sports. Knowing the Daily Total can help you make better lineup decisions, determine when to enter and exit contests, and ultimately increase your chances of winning.