What do Schools Get for Winning NIT?

The National Invitation Tournament (NIT) is a post-season men’s basketball tournament that is held annually in the United States. The tournament is open to any Division I college or university that has a men’s basketball team and is sponsored by the National Invitation Tournament. The tournament is a single-elimination tournament that culminates with the NIT Championship Game at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Winning the NIT is a prestigious accomplishment for any college or university and comes with a number of rewards for the winning school.

Prize Money

The most obvious reward for winning the NIT is a hefty sum of prize money. The amount of money awarded to the NIT champion varies from year to year, but in recent years, it has been around $1.5 million. The runner-up also receives a substantial amount of money, usually around $500,000. The other schools that make it to the quarterfinals, semifinals and championship game also receive prize money, although the amounts are much smaller than the amounts awarded to the champion and runner-up.

National Exposure

Winning the NIT also brings the winning school national exposure. The NIT championship game is usually televised nationally, which gives the winning school a chance to showcase its basketball program to a national audience. This exposure can be valuable for the school in terms of increasing its visibility and reputation, and can also help attract prospective students and donors.

Recruiting Opportunities

Winning the NIT can also provide the winning school with some recruiting advantages. Winning the tournament can help a school attract top-tier players who may be interested in playing for a school with such a prestigious basketball program. The NIT championship game also provides a great platform for the school to showcase its players and coaches, which can help the school in its recruiting efforts.

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Boost in Morale

Finally, winning the NIT can give the winning school’s basketball program a huge boost in morale. Winning the tournament is a great accomplishment for the school, and can give the players, coaches and fans a great sense of pride and accomplishment. The NIT championship game also provides the school with an opportunity to celebrate its success and can be a great source of motivation for the school’s basketball program in the future.


Winning the NIT can be a very rewarding experience for any college or university. The tournament provides the winning school with a substantial sum of prize money, national exposure, recruiting opportunities and a boost in morale. Winning the NIT is a great accomplishment for any school, and can be a great source of pride and motivation for the school’s basketball program.