The 2022 Big 10 Tournament: A Closer Look at the Winner

The Big 10 conference is one of the most competitive and successful conferences in college basketball. With powerhouse teams such as Michigan, Ohio State, and Wisconsin, it’s no surprise that the Big 10 tournament is always highly anticipated. In 2022, the Big 10 tournament was no exception. As fans eagerly awaited the result of the tournament, many wondered who would take home the title.

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A Brief History of the Big 10 Tournament

The Big 10 tournament is a long-standing tradition that has taken place since 1998. The tournament is typically held in the middle of March and features the top teams from the Big 10 conference in a single-elimination bracket. The winner of the tournament is crowned the Big 10 champion and is awarded an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.

The Favorites Going into the 2022 Big 10 Tournament

Going into the 2022 Big 10 tournament, the favorites were clear. Michigan was the top-ranked team in the conference, and they were the heavy favorites to win the tournament. Other teams expected to make a deep run included Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

The 2022 Big 10 Tournament

The 2022 Big 10 tournament kicked off with the first round on March 11th. As expected, the favorites advanced to the second round with relative ease. In the quarterfinals, Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Iowa all advanced to the semifinals.
In the semifinals, Michigan faced off against Ohio State in a highly anticipated matchup. After a hard-fought battle, Michigan emerged victorious and advanced to the championship game. In the other semifinal, Wisconsin and Iowa faced off, and Wisconsin emerged victorious.

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The Championship Game

The championship game featured a matchup between Michigan and Wisconsin. Michigan was the clear favorite, but Wisconsin had been playing extremely well and was certainly capable of pulling off the upset.
The game was close throughout, but Michigan was able to pull away in the second half and eventually won the game by a score of 74-67. With the win, Michigan became the 2022 Big 10 tournament champions.

The Aftermath

The win was a historic one for Michigan, as it marked their first Big 10 tournament championship since 1998. The win also earned them an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament, where they would go on to make a deep run.


The 2022 Big 10 tournament was an exciting one that featured some of the best teams in college basketball. In the end, it was Michigan who emerged victorious, winning their first Big 10 tournament championship in over two decades. With the win, Michigan earned an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament and had a successful run in the tournament.