Is OG Still With Kwame?

The relationship between OG and Kwame is one of the most talked-about topics in the hip hop world. From their early days as teenagers living in the same neighborhood to their present-day roles as successful business partners, it’s no surprise that fans are still asking whether or not OG and Kwame are still together.

A Brief History of OG and Kwame

OG and Kwame first met in the early 2000s while attending the same high school in Oakland, California. Although the two had very different backgrounds, they quickly became close friends. As their friendship grew, so did their dreams of making it in the music industry.
The pair began writing and recording songs together, eventually forming their own record label, “OGK Music Group.” The label quickly gained momentum, and soon they were signed to a major label, Def Jam. After the success of their debut album, “The Movement”, OG and Kwame gained international recognition and success.

The Duo’s Professional Relationship

In the years since they first started working together, OG and Kwame have become more than just friends. They are now business partners, working together to create and promote their own music, as well as producing for other artists.
The two are often seen together at events and in the studio, which has led many fans to believe that their relationship is more than just professional. While neither of them have ever confirmed this, their close bond is clear.

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The Rumors of a Split

Despite their strong bond, rumors of a split began to circulate in 2017. Although neither of them ever made a public statement about the rumors, many fans were convinced that something had changed between the two.
The rumors intensified when OG was spotted with a new woman, and again when Kwame was seen with someone else. These sightings led many to believe that the two had broken up and were now seeing other people.

Are OG and Kwame Still Together?

While neither of them have ever confirmed or denied the rumors, there have been some indications that OG and Kwame are still together. In 2018, they released a joint album, “The Return”, which was met with much praise.
They have also appeared in public together on numerous occasions, often looking very much in love. In addition, they have continued to collaborate on music, suggesting that their bond is still strong.


Although there have been some rumors of a split, it appears that OG and Kwame are still together. The two seem to be deeply in love, and their ongoing collaboration on music is a testament to their strong bond. For now, it seems that the two are still going strong, and that their fans can look forward to more great music from the duo.