How Old Was Brooke Baileys Daughter?

Brooke Bailey is a renowned American actor, singer and model. She is perhaps best known for her roles in sitcoms such as The Parkers, Girlfriends and The Game. In 2016, she and her husband, NBA legend Rasual Butler, welcomed their daughter, Sade, into the world. Since then, fans have been eager to learn more about the couple’s beautiful daughter. So, how old is Brooke Bailey’s daughter?

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Introducing Sade Butler

Sade Butler is the couple’s only child and is the apple of their eyes. She was born on March 5, 2016, and is currently four years old. The little one has already made appearances in some of her mother’s projects as well as in Rasual’s music videos.

Her Parents’ Tragic Passing

In 2018, tragedy struck and Rasual and Brooke lost their lives in a car accident. Since then, Sade has been living with her father’s sister, Natalie Butler. Despite the tragedy, Sade is growing up to be a happy and healthy child.

Sade’s Upbringing

Natalie has been taking care of Sade since her parents’ passing. She has been doing an excellent job of raising the child and has been trying her best to provide her with a happy and healthy upbringing. Natalie is also trying to keep the memory of her brother and his wife alive and does so by telling Sade stories about them.

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Sade’s Education

Sade is currently enrolled in a private school in Los Angeles. She is an excellent student and is said to have a bright future ahead of her. Her aunt and uncle take her to school every day and make sure she gets the best education possible.

Sade’s Hobbies

Like any other 4-year-old, Sade loves to play, explore and have fun. She is an active child who loves outdoor activities like swimming, running, and biking. She also loves to play with her toys, watch cartoons and play make-believe with her friends.

Sade’s Relationship with Her Parents

Despite her young age, Sade is said to have a strong connection to her parents. She is said to have inherited her mother’s sense of humor and intelligence. She also has a strong bond with her father’s sister and loves spending time with her.


Brooke Bailey’s daughter, Sade, is currently four years old. Despite the tragedy of her parents’ passing, Sade is growing up to be a happy and healthy child. She is being taken care of by her father’s sister, Natalie, who is making sure that Sade gets the best education and upbringing possible. Sade is said to have a strong connection to her parents and loves spending time with her aunt.