How Many Men Did Brooke Logan Marry?

The soap opera character Brooke Logan has been a mainstay of the hit show The Bold and the Beautiful since its inception in 1987. Through her tumultuous life and love affairs, Brooke has been married a total of five times. Her story is one of romance, heartache, and triumph, and her numerous marriages reflect the roller coaster of emotions she has experienced. Here, we take a look at Brooke’s marriages and the men who she has said “I do” to.

Thorne Forrester

The first man to marry Brooke Logan was Thorne Forrester. Thorne and Brooke had a tumultuous relationship, with the couple breaking up and making up several times before tying the knot in 1990. Their marriage was short-lived and ended in divorce in 1991 due to Thorne’s infidelity. Despite their rocky relationship, Thorne and Brooke were able to remain friends and even had a brief reconciliation in 2006.

Adam Alexander

After her divorce from Thorne, Brooke went on to marry her second husband, Adam Alexander, in 1993. This marriage was also short-lived, with the couple splitting just one year later. Adam and Brooke’s relationship was quite tumultuous, with Adam ultimately leaving Brooke for her sister, Taylor.

Ridge Forrester

Brooke’s third husband was Ridge Forrester, the son of Brooke’s former flame Thorne. The couple had a passionate and tumultuous relationship, with Brooke and Ridge divorcing and remarrying four times in total. Their relationship was tumultuous due to Ridge’s infidelity, as well as his inability to commit to Brooke. The couple had a brief reconciliation in 2013, but ultimately separated for good in 2014.

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Deacon Sharpe

In 2006, Brooke married her fourth husband, Deacon Sharpe. This marriage was also short-lived, with the couple divorcing in 2007 due to Deacon’s gambling addiction. Despite their rocky relationship, Brooke and Deacon have remained close friends and even had a brief reconciliation in 2009.

Bill Spencer Jr.

In 2009, Brooke married her fifth and final husband, Bill Spencer Jr. This marriage was the most long-lasting of Brooke’s marriages, lasting for six years until their divorce in 2015. Despite their differences, the couple had a passionate and loving relationship, and were even able to remain friends after their divorce.


Through her five marriages, Brooke Logan has experienced the highs and lows of love. Her relationships have been a roller coaster of emotions, from passionate romances to tumultuous breakups. Despite the turbulence of her relationships, Brooke is still a strong and determined woman who is determined to find true love.