How Long are 8th Grade Basketball Quarters?

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States and around the world. From the NBA to the high school level, the game has a huge following and is enjoyed by all ages. One of the most popular levels of basketball is 8th grade. And a key question that many people have is, “How long are 8th grade basketball quarters?”

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Length of 8th Grade Basketball Quarters

The length of 8th grade basketball quarters depends on the rules of the governing body that is overseeing the game. Generally speaking, 8th grade basketball quarters are eight minutes long. However, this is not a universal rule and can vary from state to state or even from league to league.
In some states, the quarters are shorter and can be as short as six minutes. In other states, the quarters may be longer than eight minutes and can be as long as 10 minutes.


In addition to the length of the quarter, it is also important to consider the number of timeouts that are allowed during the game. Each team is typically allowed two timeouts per quarter and one additional timeout in overtime.
The length of the timeout can also vary. In most cases, the timeout will last one minute. However, some leagues may have longer timeouts or even shorter timeouts. It is important to check with the governing body to find out the exact length of the timeout.

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In addition to the quarters and timeouts, there is also halftime. The length of the halftime varies depending on the league. Generally, the halftime break is between 8-10 minutes long.


If the game is tied at the end of regulation, the teams will go to overtime. The length of the overtime will depend on the league rules. In most cases, the overtime period is four minutes long.


In conclusion, the length of 8th grade basketball quarters can vary depending on the league rules. Generally, the quarters are eight minutes long with two timeouts per quarter and a one-minute timeout in overtime. Halftime is typically 8-10 minutes and overtime is four minutes. It is important to check with the governing body of the league to get the exact rules.