How do you play college teams on 2K21?

Playing College Teams on 2K21

NBA 2K21 is one of the most popular basketball video games available. It features a variety of game modes and activities, allowing players to create their own teams and play against others. One of the most popular game modes is the MyTEAM mode, which allows players to build their own teams using the game’s virtual currency and compete against others online.

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One of the new features on NBA 2K21 is the ability to play college teams. This allows players to experience the unique aspects of college basketball, from the unique styles of play to the unique rules and regulations. As with any game mode, there are a few things to consider when playing college teams on 2K21. In this article, we will discuss how to play college teams on 2K21.

Choosing a College Team

The first step in playing college teams on 2K21 is to choose a college team. You can search for the college team you want to play in the MyTEAM menu or in the game’s online database. Once you’ve chosen a team, you can view their roster and decide which players you want to use in your team. It’s important to remember that college teams have different play styles and strategies than professional teams, so it’s important to choose a team that fits your play style and strategy.

Customizing Your Team

Once you’ve chosen a college team, you can customize your team by editing the players, changing their jerseys, and creating a logo. You can also purchase virtual currency to upgrade the players’ attributes and give them additional abilities. This will allow you to create a team that suits your playing style and strategy.

Creating Your Team’s Identity

When playing college teams on 2K21, it’s important to create a unique identity for your team. This includes creating a team name, slogan, and logo. These elements will help to differentiate your team from other teams and give it a unique identity. You can also add special animations, such as pre-game rituals, post-game celebrations, and special in-game moves.

Choosing a Playstyle

College teams often have different playing styles than professional teams. It’s important to choose a playing style that fits your team’s identity and allows them to compete against other teams. There are a variety of playing styles available, including fast-paced, slow-paced, scoring-oriented, and defense-oriented. Choose a playing style that will allow your team to be successful.

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Playing Online Matches

Once you’ve created your team and chosen a playing style, you can compete against other teams online. You can search for other teams to play against or join an online league. Playing against other teams online will allow you to test your team’s skills and strategies and see how they stack up against other teams.

Practicing Against the CPU

If you want to practice against other teams before playing online, you can play against the CPU. The CPU teams have different levels of difficulty and play styles, giving you a chance to practice different strategies and hone your skills. Playing against the CPU is also a great way to learn the game’s mechanics and get a feel for the controls.

Using the Practice Facility

The Practice Facility is a great way to practice and perfect your skills. You can hone your shooting, dribbling, and passing skills in the Practice Facility. You can also practice specific plays and strategies in the Practice Facility, allowing you to become an even better player. The Practice Facility is a great way to improve your skills and prepare for online matches.

Joining an Online League

If you want to take your game to the next level, you can join an online league. Online leagues are a great way to compete against other players and test your skills. You can join leagues with different levels of competition, giving you a chance to challenge yourself and improve your game.

Competing in Tournaments

The final step in playing college teams on 2K21 is competing in tournaments. There are a variety of tournaments available, from weekly tournaments to major tournaments. Competing in tournaments will give you a chance to prove your team’s skills against other players and win rewards.


Playing college teams on 2K21 is a great way to experience the unique aspects of college basketball. From choosing a college team to creating your team’s identity and competing in tournaments, there are a variety of steps involved in playing college teams on 2K21. By following the steps outlined above, you can create a competitive team and compete against other players online.