How do you play a normal game on 2K22?

Introduction to 2K22

2K22 is the latest installment to the ever-popular basketball video game series. It is developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. The game is the sequel to 2K21 and features improved graphics, new animations, and updated rosters. It also includes online play, which allows players to compete against each other in head-to-head matches or in tournaments.

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Game Modes

2K22 has several game modes, each with its own set of rules and objectives. MyCareer and MyTeam are the two most popular modes, allowing players to create their own players and teams and compete against other players. There is also a MyLeague mode, which allows players to simulate a professional or collegiate basketball season. Other modes include Play Now, which allows players to play quick one-off matches, and the 2K Pro-Am mode, which is a 5-on-5 exhibition game.

Creating a Player

In MyCareer mode, players can create their own unique player. The character creation system allows players to customize their player’s physical attributes, such as height, weight, and facial features. Players can also choose from a variety of clothing and equipment, as well as a skill set. The skill set determines how the player will perform in-game, with higher-level skills improving the player’s stats.

Building a Team

In MyTeam mode, players can build their own teams by selecting from a variety of real-life and fictional players. Players can also create custom players and edit their attributes to match their own style of play. Once the team is assembled, players can compete in tournaments and online leagues against other teams.

Playing a Normal Game

Once a team is assembled, players can begin playing a normal game of basketball. The game is played on a full-sized court, with two teams of five players each. The objective of the game is to score more points than the opposing team by shooting the ball through the hoop. Players will also need to defend their own basket while attempting to score.


The controls in 2K22 are straightforward and easy to learn. Players can move their player using the left analog stick, and shoot by pressing the X button. The left bumper and trigger buttons are used for passing and stealing the ball, respectively. The right analog stick is used for dribbling and performing special moves.

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Basketball is a game of strategy and skill, and 2K22 is no different. Players need to think about the best way to score points, while also defending their own basket. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each player is essential, as well as the importance of teamwork. Players should also consider the importance of offensive and defensive plays, such as pick and roll and full court press.

Tips and Tricks

  • Shooting – Players should practice shooting regularly, as it is an essential part of the game. Aim for the corners of the hoop and use the shot meter to ensure accurate shots.
  • Dribbling – Dribbling is a great way to move around the court and create space for shots. Use the right analog stick to perform dribble moves and break through the defender.
  • Passing – Passing is key to successful team play. Use the left bumper to pass the ball and look for the open player.
  • Defending – Use the left trigger to steal the ball and the right trigger to block shots. Try to anticipate the opponent’s next move and be aggressive on defense.

Online Play

2K22 also features online play, allowing players to challenge each other in head-to-head matches. The game’s matchmaking system will automatically match players with opponents of similar skill level. Players can also join online tournaments and leagues to compete against teams from across the world.


2K22 is an exciting basketball video game that is sure to keep players entertained for hours. With its improved graphics, new animations, and updated rosters, the game is sure to provide an enjoyable experience for basketball fans. Whether playing alone or online, players can enjoy a normal game of basketball by creating their own team, learning the controls, and understanding the strategies of the game.


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