How can I watch UW vs WSU basketball?

UW vs WSU Basketball: How to Watch

The University of Washington and Washington State University have a long-standing rivalry in the sport of basketball. In recent years, the UW Huskies and WSU Cougars have been in a heated competition on the court, making for some exciting match-ups. As such, many basketball fans are interested in learning how to watch UW vs WSU basketball games.

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Where to Watch

UW vs WSU basketball games can be watched on television or streamed online. The Pac-12 Network broadcasts a majority of the games, while other networks may occasionally pick up the games. Additionally, fans can also watch the games online through the Pac-12 Network app.

When to Watch

UW vs WSU basketball games are typically scheduled in the late winter or early spring. The Pac-12 conference releases the official schedule for the upcoming season in late summer or early fall.

Cost to Watch

The cost of watching UW vs WSU basketball games will depend on the method of watching. Watching the game on television requires access to the Pac-12 Network, which may require a cable or satellite subscription. Streaming the game online may require a subscription to the Pac-12 Network app.

Additional Ways to Follow the Game

For those who cannot watch the game live, there are still ways to follow the game. Most televisions networks that broadcast the game will also provide score updates throughout the game. Additionally, there are a variety of online platforms that provide up-to-date scores and stats.

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Attending the Game in Person

For hardcore fans, attending the game in person is the best way to experience the UW vs WSU basketball rivalry. Tickets can be purchased through the respective university’s ticket office.

Where to Buy Tickets

Tickets for UW vs WSU basketball games can be purchased through the university ticket offices or third-party ticketing services. Prices for tickets may vary depending on the availability and location of the seats.

Watch Parties

Many UW and WSU alumni host watch parties for the UW vs WSU basketball games. These watch parties are a great way for fans to come together and cheer on their respective teams. Some watch parties may require an entrance fee, while others may be free.

UW vs WSU Apparel

What better way to show your support for your favorite team than with UW vs WSU apparel? Many online stores sell apparel for both teams, so fans can easily find the perfect item to show their school pride.

Watching with Friends

Watching UW vs WSU basketball games with friends is a great way to experience the rivalry. Fans can gather at someone’s house, a sports bar, or any other location to cheer on their team.


UW vs WSU basketball games are always an exciting affair. With so many ways to watch and follow the game, fans can experience the rivalry wherever they are. Whether it’s watching the game on television, streaming it online, or attending the game in person, there are plenty of ways for fans to enjoy the UW vs WSU rivalry.