How can I watch the UNR game?

Introduction to UNR Game Watching

UNR stands for University of Nevada, Reno, and it is a college football team that competes in the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision. The UNR Wolf Pack is one of the most popular sports teams in the Reno area, and fans from all over the world come to watch their games. Watching the UNR game can be a great way to support the team, show your school spirit, and have some fun. So, how can you watch the UNR game?

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Where to Watch UNR Games

The best way to watch an UNR game is to attend the game in person. UNR games are usually held at Mackay Stadium, located on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno. Tickets to the game can be purchased in advance through the UNR website or at the ticket office located at Mackay Stadium.

Live Stream Options for UNR Games

If you can’t make it to the game in person, there are a few other options for watching the UNR game. You can live stream the game online through the official UNR website or the Mountain West Network. You can also stream the game through other websites, such as ESPN3 or CBS Sports.

Watch on TV

The UNR game can also be watched on television. Many local cable providers carry UNR games, and some may even offer special packages that include the games. Check with your cable provider to see what options are available.

Listen to the Game on the Radio

If you can’t watch the game on television or online, you can still stay up to date with the action. The UNR game can be heard on the radio through the Wolf Pack Radio Network. You can also listen to the game through streaming services, such as iHeartRadio or TuneIn Radio.

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Attend an UNR Tailgate

Tailgating is a popular tradition at UNR games, and it’s a great way to get in the spirit of the game. Head to the tailgate area outside the stadium to join in the pre-game festivities. You can purchase food, drinks, and Wolf Pack merchandise, and meet other fans who are rooting for the team.

Follow UNR on Social Media

If you can’t make it to the game or watch it on TV, you can still keep up with the action. Follow the official UNR Wolf Pack accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You’ll get updates on the score, player stats, and other important information about the game.

Watch Highlights and Replays

If you miss the game, you can still catch up on all the action. Many sites, such as YouTube and Hulu, offer highlights and replays of UNR games. You can also find full replays of the games on the Mountain West Network website.

Attend an UNR Event

The UNR Wolf Pack also hosts many other events throughout the year, such as pep rallies, alumni gatherings, and other social events. Attending one of these events is a great way to stay connected with the team and show your support.


There are plenty of ways to watch the UNR game. Whether you’re attending the game in person, streaming it online, or catching the highlights and replays, you can get your Wolf Pack fix. So, grab your friends and family, and don’t miss out on the excitement of UNR football!