How Can I Watch the Purdue Men’s Basketball Game?

Purdue men’s basketball is one of the leading college basketball teams in the country. With a long list of championships and a large, passionate fan base, the Boilermakers have been a perennial powerhouse in college basketball for decades. As such, many fans are interested in learning how they can watch the Boilermakers’ games. The following information provides an overview of the different ways that Purdue fans can watch their favorite team in action.

Streaming Options

The most convenient way to watch Purdue basketball games is through live streaming. With numerous streaming services available, it has become much easier for fans to watch the Boilermakers in action. The most popular streaming services are ESPN+, Big Ten Network, and CBS All Access. Each of these services provides access to live streaming of college basketball games, including Purdue’s. In addition, all three services offer free trials, so fans can test out the services before committing to a subscription.

Television Broadcast

Another way to watch Purdue basketball games is through television broadcasts. Purdue has a long-standing television deal with the Big Ten Network, and the network will broadcast many of the Boilermakers’ games. The Big Ten Network is available in most markets and can be watched for free with basic cable or satellite packages. In addition, some games may be broadcast on ESPN and CBS, depending on the game and the matchup.

Radio Broadcast

For those who can’t watch the games on television or stream them online, there is still a way to follow Purdue basketball: the radio. Radio broadcasts of college basketball games are not as common as they used to be, but they are still available. Purdue has an official radio partner in the Boilermakers Sports Network, and they will be broadcasting many of the team’s games.

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Ticket Options

Of course, the best way to watch the Boilermakers in action is in person. Purdue plays its home games at Mackey Arena in West Lafayette, Indiana. Tickets for the games can be purchased directly from the Boilermakers’ official website or from third-party ticketing sites such as StubHub.


Purdue men’s basketball is one of the most successful college basketball programs in the country. As such, there are many ways for fans to watch their favorite team in action. Fans can stream the games on ESPN+, Big Ten Network, or CBS All Access, watch them on television, listen to them on the radio, or even attend the games in person. No matter how you choose to watch Purdue basketball, you can be sure that you won’t miss out on any of the action.