How Can I Watch the Men’s Basketball Game in the UK?

For those who love to watch basketball, the UK offers a wide range of viewing opportunities. With an array of international tournaments and leagues available, fans of the sport can keep up with all the action, both live and on-demand. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the ways you can access the best basketball games in the UK.

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Live Coverage Through Sky Sports & BT Sport

Sky Sports and BT Sport are two of the most popular television operators in the UK, and both offer live coverage of the men’s basketball games. Sky Sports offers a variety of basketball-related content, from NBA games to college basketball, and is available on Sky, Virgin Media and Now TV. BT Sport also covers a range of basketball events, such as the EuroLeague and EuroCup, and is available through BT TV, Sky and Virgin Media.

Streaming Services

In addition to traditional television operators, there are also a number of streaming services that allow you to watch men’s basketball games in the UK. ESPN Player is the official streaming service for ESPN, and allows you to watch NBA, college and international games on a range of devices. NBA League Pass is another streaming service, which offers access to all NBA games in HD for a monthly fee. Finally, Fanatiz is a streaming service that provides access to international basketball leagues, such as the Spanish Liga ACB and the Turkish Basketball Super League.

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Online Video Platforms

There are also a number of online video platforms that allow you to watch men’s basketball games in the UK. YouTube is the largest of these platforms, and offers a range of basketball-related content, including highlights, interviews and full games. Facebook also has a selection of basketball content, such as live games and videos, and is available in the UK. Additionally, Twitch is a great platform for streaming live games, with a range of international tournaments and leagues available.


Whether you’re a fan of the NBA, EuroLeague or college basketball, there are a number of ways to watch men’s basketball games in the UK. By subscribing to Sky Sports or BT Sport, or using a streaming service such as ESPN Player or NBA League Pass, you can access all the action, both live and on-demand. Additionally, online video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitch offer a great selection of basketball content. With so many options available, you’ll never miss a minute of the action!