Do LeBron James kids play basketball?

Introduction to LeBron James Kids

LeBron James is one of the most influential figures in the world of basketball. He has been a professional basketball player for the past 17 years, and has won three NBA championships, four MVP awards, and multiple All-Star and All-NBA selections. He is also an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a successful businessman.

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James has three children, LeBron Jr., Bryce Maximus, and Zhuri. Since he is a role model to many, it is natural to wonder if his kids have followed in his footsteps and taken up the sport of basketball.

Does LeBron James Kids Play Basketball?

The answer is yes, all three of LeBron’s kids play basketball. LeBron Jr., 13, and Bryce, 11, have been playing basketball since they were very young. Zhuri, 4, is just starting to pick up the game.

LeBron Jr. and Bryce have been playing on competitive teams since they were 8 and 6 years old respectively. They have already made a name for themselves in the basketball world, and both are considered to be very talented players.

LeBron Jr. is currently playing for the North Coast Blue Chips, a team that competes in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). Bryce is playing for the Ohio Basketball Club (OBC). Both teams play in tournaments around the country and have had a lot of success.

Why Does LeBron James Let His Kids Play Basketball?

LeBron James is a firm believer that sports can teach valuable life lessons, and he wants his kids to experience the same benefits that he did. He encourages his kids to be competitive and strive for excellence in everything they do.

When asked why he allows his kids to play basketball, James said, “I want them to have the same opportunity that I had. I want them to learn the same lessons that I learned, and I want them to have the same love for the game that I have.”

How Does LeBron James Help His Kids With Basketball?

LeBron James is incredibly hands-on with his kids when it comes to basketball. He often trains and practices with them, and provides them with advice on how to improve their skills. He also attends their games to cheer them on and provide additional support.

In addition, James has enlisted the help of one of the best trainers in the game, Mike Mancias, to work with his kids. Mancias works with LeBron Jr. and Bryce on the court, and helps them with their shooting and ball-handling skills.

What Are LeBron James Kids Accomplishments in Basketball?

LeBron Jr. and Bryce have both had a lot of success in basketball. LeBron Jr. was named MVP of the AAU National Championship tournament in 2018, and his team won the tournament. He was also named MVP of the National Select League tournament in 2019.

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Bryce has also had a lot of success in basketball. He was named MVP of the OBC National Championship tournament in 2017, and his team won the tournament. He was also named MVP of the National Select League tournament in 2018.

Both LeBron Jr. and Bryce have received a lot of media attention for their accomplishments on the court. They have been featured in magazines and newspapers, and have appeared on television shows and in commercials.

What Are LeBron James Kids Future Plans in Basketball?

LeBron James has said that he wants his kids to reach their full potential in basketball, and he will do whatever he can to make sure they reach that potential. He has said that he wants them to reach the highest level of basketball, whether it is college or the NBA.

LeBron Jr. has already expressed an interest in playing college basketball, and Bryce has expressed an interest in playing in the NBA. Zhuri has said that she wants to follow in her brothers’ footsteps and play basketball as well.

What Are LeBron James Kids Doing Besides Basketball?

Although LeBron James’ kids are very talented basketball players, they are also well-rounded individuals. LeBron Jr. and Bryce are both excellent students and have expressed an interest in science and technology. They have also expressed an interest in music and have both been taking piano lessons.

Zhuri is a bright and talented young girl who loves to dance and perform. She has already starred in several commercials and has even performed on stage with her dad.

How Do LeBron James Kids Feel About Playing Basketball?

LeBron James’ kids seem to love playing basketball. LeBron Jr. and Bryce have both expressed a desire to continue to play and improve their game. They both seem to understand how important it is for them to work hard and continue to get better.

Zhuri is just starting to get into the game, but she already loves it and has said she wants to be like her brothers when she grows up.


LeBron James’ kids are following in his footsteps and playing basketball. All three of them are talented players and are having a lot of success. LeBron is very supportive of his kids and is doing everything he can to help them reach their full potential.

His kids seem to love playing basketball and are doing a great job. It will be interesting to see how far they can go in the game, and it is clear that they all have the potential to be very successful.

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