Did Duffey and Tami Fight?

The debate over whether Duffey and Tami, two characters from the popular show The Game, had a fight has been raging since the show first aired in 2006. Fans of the show have long speculated about the cause of their disagreement and whether or not it was a full-blown fight. In this article, we’ll explore the evidence to try and determine if Duffey and Tami did indeed fight.

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Background on the Characters

Duffey and Tami are two characters from the BET show The Game, which follows the lives of a group of professional football players and their families. Duffey is a talented and ambitious young football player who’s determined to make it in the NFL. Tami is a successful lawyer and the mother of Duffey’s best friend, Malik. Though Duffey and Tami have a good working relationship, their personalities often clash, and they’ve had their fair share of disagreements over the years.

The Timeline of Events

The source of Duffey and Tami’s disagreement has been a topic of debate since the show first aired. In order to understand what happened between the two characters, it’s important to look at the timeline of events leading up to their disagreement.

Season 5: Tami Expresses Her Concerns Over Duffey’s Behavior

In season 5, Tami expresses her concerns over Duffey’s increasingly reckless behavior. She believes that he’s putting himself and others in danger, and she’s worried about his future. Though Duffey is initially dismissive of her concerns, he eventually agrees to make some changes in his life.

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Season 6: Duffey’s Successful Return

In season 6, Duffey makes a successful return to football and is offered a spot on a professional team. Though Tami is proud of his accomplishments, she’s still concerned about his safety and encourages him to take better care of himself. However, Duffey is determined to make it in the NFL and refuses to heed her warnings.

The Fight

In the season 6 finale, Duffey and Tami have a heated argument that quickly escalates into a physical fight. Though the details of the fight are unclear, it’s clear that the two characters had a disagreement that quickly spiraled out of control. After the fight, Tami expresses her disappointment in Duffey and leaves the room.


Based on the timeline of events leading up to their disagreement, it’s clear that Duffey and Tami did have a fight. Though the details of the fight are unclear, it’s clear that their disagreement quickly escalated and ended in a physical altercation. Though the two characters have since made up, their fight was a turning point in their relationship, and it’s likely that their disagreement will continue to be a topic of debate among fans of the show for years to come.