Can a 5 8 guy play basketball?

Can a 5 8 guy play basketball?

The short answer to this question is “Yes!” Basketball is a sport that can be played by people of all sizes, shapes and heights. Despite the fact that taller players tend to have an advantage in the game, there are plenty of successful 5’8” tall players who have excelled in the sport.

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The Physics of Basketball

The physics of basketball have an influence on the game, and for a 5’8” player, it can be a challenge to overcome certain physical limitations. The most noticeable of these is the inability to reach certain areas of the court. This is especially true when playing against taller opponents. However, a 5’8” player can overcome this physical limitation by using other skills to make up for the lack of height.

Using Agility and Speed

A 5’8” player can use his agility and speed to his advantage. These players are often quicker on their feet and are able to outrun larger opponents. This can be a great asset in basketball, as it allows the player to get to the ball faster and make plays before the defense has time to react.

Using Proper Technique

In addition to agility and speed, a 5’8” player can also use proper technique to make up for his lack of height. Proper technique includes things like jumping higher and using the proper footwork. This can help a 5’8” player reach places on the court that taller players may not be able to.

Developing Strength and Power

Another way for a 5’8” player to compete with taller players is by developing strength and power. This can be done through a combination of weight training and proper nutrition. By building strength and power, a 5’8” player can become more explosive and be able to compete with larger players.

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Being Smart and Creative

A 5’8” basketball player should also focus on being smart and creative. This means understanding the game and being able to think two steps ahead of the defense. By having a strong understanding of the game and being able to come up with creative solutions to problems on the court, a 5’8” player can still be successful even if he is not as tall as his opponents.

Developing an Effective Shooting Technique

A 5’8” player should also focus on developing an effective shooting technique. This means having the proper form and understanding the different types of shots. A 5’8” player can still be an effective shooter, even if he is not as tall as the other players.

Developing Your Mental Game

A 5’8” player should also focus on developing his mental game. This means having a strong mental focus and understanding the importance of being mentally prepared for every game. It also means being able to stay composed in tough situations and having the confidence to believe in yourself.

Finding the Right Team

It is important for a 5’8” player to find the right team. This means finding a team that is willing to play to his strengths and allow him to contribute to the team’s success. It is also important to find a team that will play an up-tempo style of basketball that can take advantage of a player’s speed and agility.


Yes, a 5’8” player can play basketball. While it may be more challenging than for taller players, a 5’8” player can still be successful if he focuses on using his agility and speed, developing strength and power, being creative and smart, and finding the right team. With the right attitude and a willingness to work hard, a 5’8” player can still make an impact on the court.

In conclusion, a 5’8” player can certainly play basketball and be successful. By utilizing the skills mentioned above, a 5’8” player can still make an impact on the court.